The Second Okazaki Biology Conference:
"Terra Microbiology"
Organizers: Masayuki. Ohmori (Saitama Univ., Japan)
James.M. Tiedje (Michigan State Univ., USA)
Date: September 26 (Sun)- 30 (Thu), 2004
Venue: Mielpearl Ise-Shima (Shima, Mie)
Conference Program
Scientific sessions: (Summary of Sessions)

Session 1: Environmental Constraints and Evolutionary Diversity
Prof. Kenji Kato, Shizuoka Univ., Japan
Prof. Joseph L. Kirschvink, CalTech., USA

Session 2: Biogeochemical Cycling and Terra Formation
Prof. Hiroyuki Ohta, Ibaraki Univ., Japan
Prof. Vigdis Torsvik (University of Bergen, Norway)

Session 3: Symbiosis and Interactions
Dr. Masanori Saito, NatĚl Inst. Agro-Environ. Sci, Japan
Prof. Bengt Söderström, Lund Univ., Sweden

Session 4: Novel Approaches for Microbial Systems
Prof. Kiwamu Minamisawa, Tohoku Univ., Japan
Prof. Eugene L. Madsen (Cornell University, USA)
Secretary; Dr. Yuichi Suwa (Advanced Ind Sci & Technol., JAPAN)
The purpose of the conference "Terra microbiology" was to discuss a wide rage of aspects in biological sciences related to structure, function and ecology of microorganisms in terrestrial habitat. Not only scientists who have strong backgrounds in microbiology and molecular biology but also those who work more on environmental sciences and geology presented various aspects and foresights to cover vast area in Terra Microbiology.

The conference consists of four sessions as follows:
[1] Environmental constraints and evolutional diversity.
[2] Biogiochemical cycling and terra formation.
[3] Symbiosis and interactions.
[4] Novel approaches for microbial systems.

There were 32 oral talks, 2 keynote lectures and posters. Posters were presented all through the meeting and special time was provided for poster presentation.
From 10 different countries, 53 scientists participated to this conference (U.S.A., 10; Germany, 3; Switzerland, 3; China, 1; New Zealand,1; Norway, 1; Singapore, 1; Swden,1; U.K.,1; Japan, 31). The half of the members consists of established scientists and the rest consists of very young scientists selected for this meeting. All participants discussed on the subjects reported in the sessions earnestly day and night, even in an open-yard hot spring. At last, we agreed to continue this activity in future. The purpose of the next meeting will be to reveal the structure and function of bacterial community from new molecular biological aspects.

The conference room
(Logistics explanation by the secretary Dr. Y. Suwa) .

Opening speech by
Prof. Y. Nagahama,
the chair of OBC committee.

Going out to the garden of the hotel for the group photo.

Meetings of the speakers of each session


Mixer on the evening of 26th

Poster session

The organizers of the conference: Prof. J.M. Tiedje (Left) and
Prof. M. Ohmori (Right)

Participants of the conference.