The Fifth Okazaki Biology Conference:
"Speciation and Adaptation
- Ecological Genomics of Model Organisms and Beyond -"
Date: March 11 (Sun) - 16 (Fri), 2007
Venues: National Institute for Basic Biology
(Okazaki, Aichi)
Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi
(Kakegawa, Shizuoka)
Organizers: Kentaro Shimizu
(Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland)
Ian Dworkin
(North Carolina State Univ., USA)
With the advent and widespread use of genomic tools, it is clear the study of evolutionary genetics is undergoing a transformation. To promote the advance of the new field of evolutionary and ecological genomics, the 5th Okazaki Biological Conference "Speciation and Adaptaion - ecological genomics of model organisms and beyond-" was held on March 11th-16th 2007. The meeting started with a Get Together event to welcome 70 scientists from 10 countries, and was followed by Plenary Lectures at the National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB). Then the participants moved to Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi. The talks represented a broad overview of ecological and evolutionary genomics, including subjects such as adaptation, speciation, domestication, genome duplication, co-evolution, canalization and theoretical population genetics.
The real goal of such an intimate meeting was to interact and discuss the possibilities of such work with other researchers asking related questions, often using very different approaches. It is only when these apparently disparate aspects of biology are integrated that we can hope to make real progress in our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms. Thus there was plenty of time for discussions on each of these subjects, formal and informal. The excursion to Kakegawa castle and the experience of tea ceremony enhanced the social interactions. The feedbacks from the participants were very positive in all aspects including the scientific discussion, developing new contacts, foods, and supporting staff. The extensive support by a number of people from NIBB and Travel Partners were noteworthy. With plenty of new ideas and collaborative plans, the participants hoped to meet again in 2 years in the next OBC meeting.

(Partly in Japanese)

Plenary lecture in Okazaki
Oral session
General discussion
Poster session
Excursion (tea ceremony)
Group photo