The Sixth Okazaki Biology Conference:
" Marine Biology "
Date: December 2 (Sun) - 8 (Sat), 2007
Venues: National Institute for Basic Biology
(Okazaki, Aichi)
Toba Hotel International
(Toba, Mie)
Chief Organizer:    Nori Satoh  (Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Organaizers: Billie J. Swalla  (Univ. of Washington, USA)
Don R. Levitan  (Florida State Univ., USA)
We conceived this conference in order to bring together Marine Scientists from across the globe to discuss approaches to research in Marine Sciences. Most Marine Science is carried out at Marine Biological Laboratories, so we invited a number of Marine Laboratory Directors from Canada, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Japan to get an idea of what sort of studies are being conducted globally. Marine Biology covers an enormous number of research topics and we endeavored to bring together researchers in all of the main fields: reproductive biology, evolution and development, neurobiology, marine fungi/algae, marine genomics, behavior, ecology and conservation biology. This diverse group of speakers is united by their research on marine systems and the fact that they are internationally known for the quality of their research. We expected this group of brilliant leading Marine Scientists to find much in common to share about research techniques, approaches and future prospects and were delighted to see the many positive interactions that took place among the participants.
  The diverse research presented at the OBC-6 Marine Biology Conference showed the vast potential of the marine environment in biological studies and highlighted current ecological problems that threaten the unprecedented biodiversity and untapped knowledge in the world’s oceans. We heard many talks about the advances in genomics and marine exploration applied in novel and creative ways to understanding the marine environment and the biological organisms that live within it. The talks described research on a wide range of life forms from marine algae to invertebrates to vertebrates.
  Towards the end of conference, it was suggested that an academic society for Marine Biologists in Japan be organized in the very near future. This may prove to be one of the most important achievements of this highly successful conference.


Oral session (Okazaki)
Poster session (Okazaki)
Labotour (Glass House, NIBB)
Labotour (Aqueous Animal Facility, NIBB)
Excursion (Ise Shrine)
Excursion (Sugashima Marine Station)
Excursion (Toba Aquarium)
Oral session (Toba)
Farewell party
Group Photo