The Second Okazaki Biology Conference on
"Terra Microbiology"
Organizers: Prof. M. Ohmori (Saitama Univ., Japan)
Prof. J.M. Tiedje (Michigan State Univ., USA)
Date: September 26 (Sun)- 30 (Thu), 2004

Venue: Mielpearl Ise-Shima (Mie Prefecture)
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Conference Program
Scientific sessions: (Summary of Sessions)

Session 1: Environmental Constraints and Evolutionary Diversity
Prof. Kenji Kato, Shizuoka Univ., Japan
Prof. Joseph L. Kirschvink, CalTech., USA

Session 2: Biogeochemical Cycling and Terra Formation
Prof. Hiroyuki Ohta, Ibaraki Univ., Japan
Prof. Vigdis Torsvik (University of Bergen, Norway)

Session 3: Symbiosis and Interactions
Dr. Masanori Saito, NatĚl Inst. Agro-Environ. Sci, Japan
Prof. Bengt Söderström, Lund Univ., Sweden

Session 4: Novel Approaches for Microbial Systems
Prof. Kiwamu Minamisawa, Tohoku Univ., Japan
Prof. Eugene L. Madsen (Cornell University, USA)
Secretary; Dr. Yuichi Suwa (Advanced Ind Sci & Technol., JAPAN)
In this Second Okazaki Biological Conference of "Terra Microbiology", we will discuss a various aspects of the strategy of organisms through the interaction with microbiology in terrestrial environments. The purpose of this prestigious conference is to stimulate thinking and interactions among relevant disciplines in the field of emerging importance and ripe for intriguing, cutting-edge science, such as Terra Microbiology, and to explore the possibility of forming a new research field of basic biology. Since our targeting novel discipline may not be expressed in any existent term, we dared to create a novel term, "Terra Microbiology" to express what we intend to do in this conference.

Not only scientists who have strong backgrounds in microbiology and molecular biology but also those who work more on environmental sciences and geology will present various aspects and foresights to cover vast area in Terra Microbiology. The conference consists of four sessions; 1) Environmental Constraints and Evolutional Diversity, 2) Biogeochemical Cycling and Terra Formation, 3) Symbiosis and Interactions, and 4) Novel Approaches for Microbial Systems. In these sessions, we will review how we understand microbial life in terrestrial environment, and what we will be more focusing on to explore a new research field. We consider that the application of molecular biology techniques, genomics and system biology concepts towards the understanding of complex ecosystems, such as terrestrial environments, is one such grand challenge. This is one such thing that we will discuss in the conference.
The conference room
(Logistics explanation by the secretary Dr. Y. Suwa) .

Opening speech by
Prof. Y. Nagahama,
the chair of OBC committee.

Going out to the court of the hotel for the group photo.

Meetings  of the speakers of each session


Mixer on the 26th evening

Poster session